dotfiles tools wrappers

I’m a self-confessed fan of Visual Studio Code’s dev container experience and have a number of posts about them including a list of some of my favourite things with dev containers. I find it productive to be able to capture the pre-requisites for working with a project programmatically, and share it with others working on the project. However, there’s a feature of dev containers that I use heavily which has the potential to break this model: dotfiles. [Read More]

Fun with WSL, GitHub CLI and Windows Notifications

Part 2: Using toast for richer desktop notifications

Introduction In the last post we saw how to create a drop-in replacement for notify-send. This allowed us to take a script that used notify-send and run it without modification. In this post, we’ll take a look at how we can update that script to take better advantage of Windows notifications. At the end of the last post, the notification was fairly generic as shown below: In this post, we’ll update the script to indicate whether the run finished successfully or not, change the title to “GitHub”, and include an “Open in Browser” link: [Read More]

Fun with Git for Windows, SSH Keys and Passphrases

Disclaimer: this post is one to file under “things I’m blogging in the hope that I find the answer more quickly next time”. Background I switched to using SSH key auth for GitHub and Azure DevOps Repos a long time ago and never looked back. For a while I was using SSH keys without passphrases but got round to adding passphrases a while back. I set up the Windows OpenSSH Authentication Agent - the service defaults to Disabled so I set it as Automatic start and nudged it to Running. [Read More]

Fixing Clock Skew with WSL 2

Getting errors because your WSL 2 clock is out of sync? FOllow these steps to automatically sync it