About me


As well as enjoying blogging I find it a useful way to keep a record of things that I might want to look up again. I also find the process of putting an idea in my head down in words to be a powerful way of structuring my thoughts (and frequently making me realise that I don’t understand it as well as I thought I did). If the output of this process is also useful to you then that’s even better!

I’m currently working as a Software Engineer for Microsoft in the UK. I’m sure it goes without saying that this is my personal blog and all opinions here are my own (but just in case that’s not obvious, I’ve said it now anyway).

Most of my hands-on experience is with .NET and Go, but I have also written bash scripts that got far too long before converting them to python and quite enjoy TypeScript/JavaScript.

I like to find opportunities to make things better or easier, and rather enjoy getting stuck into a thorny problem.

I enjoy writing and speaking and creating and contributing to OSS projects.