Forwarding copy to clipboard from dev container to Windows Host

Background I’ve mentioned VS Code dev containers on this blog before and like using them from WSL. I’m also a fan of azbrowse for working with Azure resources from the terminal, and lately have found myself running azbrowse from within a dev container for various reasons. There are several features in azbrowse that copy data to the clipboard, and when run from WSL it detects that and copies to the Windows clipboard, which is convenient. [Read More]

Visual Studio Code and Devcontainers in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

UPDATE (2020-04-08): With the 1.44 release of Visual Studio Code (and the corresponding Remote Containers release), the Insiders release is no longer needed as the . I have updated the post to reflect this (update made in vscode devcontainer on stable release 😁). Introduction In my previous post I gave some thoughts on using Visual Studio Code devcontainers. Until very recently your source code needed to be cloned in Windows in order to be able to build and run devcontainers with Visual Studio Code. [Read More]

Visual Studio Code and Devcontainers

Visual Studio Code has support for Remote Development which is a really cool feature. You can connect to another machine via SSH and work with code there (the language services etc run remotely which is the really cool part!), connect to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, or run your development environment in containers (aka devcontainers). The last of these is the topic for this post. My team has been using devcontainers quite heavily for the last few months and found a lot of benefits with them. [Read More]